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LOTW is dedicated to the charge of God, to provide leadership and guidance, under the direction of the God's precious Holy Spirit, the best possible care and love to the father’s and families we encounter in our ministry work. We believe relationships between children and their families are vital, if we as a community are to be successful in the development of love and compassion in the lives of father's and their children. We are here to provide the tools necessary to assist fathers in the pursuit of a nurturing relationship with their children. We believe that when children are connected with their fathers in a nurturing and positive relationship, our communities are stronger, and when our communities are stronger, our cities are stronger, and when our cities are stronger, our states are stronger, and when our states are stronger, our nation is stronger, and when our nation is stronger, our world is stronger, and our God is pleased. This all comes from the initial step of connecting children and fathers in a positive, nurturing environment.

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