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Christ Centered Ministry

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Information and news for believers

Focus on the Family

Ministry services for families

Men Behaving Dadly

Working to unite/reunite fathers with their children.

Truth For Life


Christian Home Helps

Christian Realtors

Finally, a place where believers that are relocating anywhere in the country can find realtors that love the Lord. This is a new ministry designed to serve the people of God. We are charged with 'Moving the Body' to the places of service that the Lord has for them.

Study Tools

Blue Letter Bible

Why we're called the Blue Letter Bible.

Back in 1996, in the early days of the World Wide Web and when the Blue Letter Bible first came out, hyperlinks were pretty much always blue in color. Our vision has always been to provide free Bible study software in which the Bible is the center of the experience with study resources that link off of every word in the Bible. With hundreds of thousands of links that were all blue, we decided to call it the Blue Letter Bible as a play on the more commonly referenced red-letter editions of Scripture.

The Amazing Bible

This site provides interesting perspective on biblical topics.

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